​​Lind ice Flaker is developed and produced by Lind Horsens Co. Ltd. Denmark with focus on customer specified needs and demands. Lind Ice Flaker fulfils the high standards of performance, ice quality and reliability which the food industry and chemistry industry require. Lind Horsens Co. Ltd. has more than 25 years experience with ice flake machinery and our staff of well trained technicians secures you an effective service and maintenance of the machine.

Lind Ice Flaker is built with a rotating evaporator for the production of ice flakes. 

Maskiner produceret i rustfri stål

The machine is manufactured using only high quality corrosion resistant materials. the bottom frame, cabinet, water tank, knife and cylinder shaft are produced from stainless steel.
The rotating evaporator with side frames and knife holder profile are produced from surface treated sea water resistant aluminium alloy for maximum durability, strength andcooling transmissions ability.

These materials in combination with side bearings made of maintenance free polyamide and high quality shaft seals, ensure a stable and reliable unit with a long lifetime. Lind Ice flaker is a self-contained ice flake unit, which can be delivered with or without compressor.

Lind Ice Flaker is suitable for both sea- and fresh water use and is furthermore designed to be installed as a split installation, where the Ice Flaker unit is placed where needed in the production hall. The compressor unit can be installed either in the machine hall or in the free.
The construction enables linkages of Serval Ice Flakers.
With the compact design the Lind Ice Flaker can be mounted in the proximity of the place of use so that unnecessary transport of ice is avoided.

Vi levere til forskellige virksomheder

Lind Ice Flaker is designed for use in the fishing industry, slaughterhouses, meat processing, laboratories, hospitals, chemistry industry etc.

Lind Ice Flaker is high quality product, which is subject to strict quality control during the manu facturing process. This also includes a thorough testing prior to delivery. Lind Ice Flaker comes with the CE-label.


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